Coaching of vulnerable adult students

European Social Fund (ESF) – Lifelong learning in higher education: coaching programs for the support of vulnerable adult students.

Aim and structure of the coaching programme
The aim of this international project is to develop a coaching programme for vulnerable, starting adult students of 25 years or older. We will maximize the chances of a successful higher education course and contribute to the European objectives about lifelong learning. We will prepare and motivate the students, give them more confidence and make them more self-reliant. This will stimulate the flow of this vulnerable group to the labour market.

Together with some national and international partners, we want to develop, implement and evaluate a three-day coaching programme. With an eye to the reinforcement of the learning competences, the programme will pay attention to self-reflection, talent development, self-confidence, resilience and problem-solving strategies. Besides, we will work more on language and communication competences, digital competences, application skills and time management.

Evaluation and final product
We will provide a well-founded evaluation of this project. At the beginning, the participants will go through an assessment as well as in the end, so that we can carry out a measurement. Based on that measurement, we can judge and improve the meaningfulness and efficiency of the programme. Besides, we will compare the study performance of participants with students who have not followed the programme.

The final product will be the guide ‘Lifelong learning in higher education: coaching programme for the support of vulnerable adult students’. The content of this guide will consist of a theoretical framework; a description of the target group and setting; the effectiveness of the programme; evaluation tools; the content of the programme and guidelines for trainers. The guide will be available for free. 

February 2017 – June 2019


·         Alexandre Reynders

  • André Raemdonck

This research project is made possible thanks to the support of the European Social Fund (ESF) for 252000 euro.

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Alexandre Reynders

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