In September 2016, the Centre for Family Studies started a new project: Diversi-date. Our aim is to create a safe background where young people can explore not only their own identity but also other’s and where they can exchange their experiences. 

About a hundred young people of the third degree of Brussels’ secondary education were invited for the Diversi-date dialogue day. They reflected about identity and diversity and worked under the supervision of our second year Family Studies students. A day organized by and for young people. They decided the content of the day themselves, adults and experts only had a facilitating function.

We consciously do not choose the classic methodology of conversation but provide conversations by using three talent-oriented methodologies: cooking, digital storytelling and a game. 

The project will stimulate conversations between young people. At the social event but also afterwards. That is why teachers of the students involved followed a workshop about diversity in the class room.

By organizing this event, we tried to stimulate tolerance, sincerity, respect and self-confidence concerning the philosophy of life of young people. We tried to create a safe background in which young people can develop a positive self-image concerning their philosophy of live.

After the dialogue day, we will make a Diversi-date schedule based on the experiences during the preparation as well as the realization of Diversi-date and the output of the young people. This tool will contain a lot of information that can be used by other schools or organizations too. It will be an inspiring guide for young people to talk.

September 2016 – August 2017


Alexandre Reynders

Eline Mechels

Leen De Clercq

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