Family policy in 2006-2011: From family to parenthood as keystone of society?

Our analysis of the Flemish family policy between 2006 and 2011 shows that it mostly focusses on parental support. The subject of support for relationships within families only receives attention when the relationships are already falling apart. Therefore we plead for more relationship support for families during the important transition moments in their lives.

‘Family policy in 2006-2011’ continues on our annual screening of the sectors and actors in family policy. With this publication we aim to provide an overview of the measures of the last 5 years, and to rank them in order to increase the visibility of the measures that were taken. During the International Day of Families, May 15th 2012, we attended the Family Conference, where the plea for more preemptive relationship support also resonated.

Family policy is a task of several governments and levels of governance. Therefore we look beyond the Flemish level and ask ourselves which European initiatives also have an impact on families. The role of the local municipalities in family policy also increases.

For those who are interested in family policy and for professionals in the social sector this publication provides better understanding of the conducted family policy and it opens up the debate on the subject.

Published in: 2012
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