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The key doesn't fit each door anymore

Families today are dynamic, flexible and diverse, so naturally they have new demands regarding their living situation. Young adults get comfortable and keep living in 'Hotel Mom'. 'Boomerang children' return home after a separation or divorce. A lot of (young) adults in long-distance relationships live a nomadic life and go back and forth between two homes. Stepfamilies can consist of two people one week and six people the next. The housing market evolves in a much slower way, these modern families often live in traditional homes. New up-and-coming trends such as cohousing and transgenerational housing are creative solutions that are only manageable or possible for a minority of the population. The housing policy is lagging behind. A lot of rules seem to impede living together instead of promoting it. The key doesn't fit each door anymore. This book provides analyses, insights and suggestions for a modern housing- and family policy. Because it's time to start responding to the housing needs of contemporary families, instead of those of the traditional nuclear family of the previous century.

This publication was presented on the conference on May 13th, on the occasion of the International Day of Families.

Published by Garant, 2015
Price: € 15 + shipping costs (only available in Dutch)

This publication was realised by no less than 17 authors from a wide spectrum of partner organizations, such as but not limited to: University of Antwerp, University-College Ghent and the Catholic University of Leuven.

The editors of this publication were:

Kathleen Emmery, she has a master's degree in criminology and is coordinator of the knowledge center Higher Institute for Family Studies. She researches family policy in Flanders.

Dirk Geldof, doctor in political and social sciences and bachelor in philosophy, is a lecturer in sociology in the Family Studies program at Odisee, and is a researcher for the knowledge center Higher Institute for Family Studies. He also teaches in Social Work at the Karel de Grote university-college and in two architectural studies at the University of Antwerp. In 2013 he published the book 'Superdiversity'.

Dirk Luyten is doctor in social sciences and master in urban and spatial planning. He teached family policy in the Family Studies program at Odisee and is a researcher for the knowledge center Higher Institute for Family Studies. His research focusses on local family policy and on family-friendly living.

Inge Pasteels is senior-researcher at the Center for Longitudinal and Life Course Research of the University of Antwerp. She is lecturer demography in Family Studies at Odisee. Her family-oriented sociological expertise focusses on transitions in families, mostly divorce and recoupling.

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