Cover van het boek 'Mozaïek en dynamiek van het lokaal gezinsbeleid in Vlaanderen'

Mosaic and dynamics of local family policy in Flanders

Every year the Knowledge Center Higher Institute for Family Studies conducts a research on family policy on Flemish, federal and European level, with a different main subject every year. This year we focused on the local family policy in Flanders. Thanks to a widespread questionnaire that we sent to Flemish towns in December 2013, we can now offer the research results in this new publication: ‘Mosaic and dynamics of local family policy in Flanders’.

In our research, we shed a light on a couple of evolutions on the local level. E.g. local municipalities and the decree preventive family support are increasingly promoting the use of a House of the Child. Local governments have a coordinating and policymaking role in childcare, and also in other domains of family policy they are being assigned tasks of the Flemish and federal level. Flemish family policy is partly a decentralized policy: local governments carry a big part of the responsibility. The internal state reforms should make sure that the burden for local municipalities is lowered.
These evolutions called for a study of the trends in local family policy.

This publication is the compilation of the research results with local actors. This book is an addition to the annual screening of the aspects and actors in family policy, conducted by the Higher Institute for Family Studies. Family policy is a matter of different governments and different levels. We monitor the Flemish, federal, European and local family policy. The interconnection between these levels is illustrated by a case study about the approach to battling child poverty. For professionals in the social sector and other interested parties, this publication provides understanding of the practice of local family policy, and it opens up the public forum for debate. The results of this study were also presented on the Family Conference, that held place on the International Day of Families, May 15th 2014.


Dirk Luyten is doctor in social sciences and master in urban development and spatial planning. He teaches Family policy in the Bachelor program Family Studies and coordinates a group of students every year who interview parents about the family-friendliness of their neighborhood.

Kathleen Emmery is master in criminology. She is coordinator of the Knowledge Center Higher Institute for Family Studies and monitors family policy on the Flemish level.

Pieter Rondelez is master in political sciences and master of conflict and development. He monitors family policy on the European level.


Flemish minister of Wellbeing, Public Health and Family Jo Vandeurzen.

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Cover van het boek 'Mozaïek en dynamiek van het lokaal gezinsbeleid in Vlaanderen'

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