Twee tieners luisteren naar muziek

Network reinforcing work in youth support. The perspective of youth and parents, mentors or guardians

The Decree of Integral Youth Support put the socialization of care first. The effort of non-professional networks of clients is a very important driving force. That is why some organizations of youth support set up an innovative project concerning network reinforcing work. The participating facilities reported the behavior of their supervisors. Lieven Fierens (remedial education) and Joris Van Puyenbroeck tried to find out how young people and their families will experience this network reinforcing.

The purpose of the research

The non-profit organizations ‘Tonuso’, ‘Amber’ and ‘Sporen’ were engaged in this project. Joris Van Puyenbroeck and Lieven Fierens started from an independent research perspective and worked under the authority of a collaboration between these organizations. They collaborated to the evaluation of an innovative project concerning network reinforcing work in youth support. These two researchers started a survey by children/ young people (12+) and the people responsible for their education. The fact that the interrogated clients were supported in an innovative and network reinforcing way during 2014-2015 by three supporting facilities was one of the standards.

In cooperation with OSD Jongerenwelzijn Vlaams Brabant en Brussel

Period of this research: 2015-2016


You can consult the evaluation report of this research here (in Dutch). The researchers wrote an article about their research on Sociaal.Net (in Dutch).

Moreover, the study was introduced on a training about youth support. You can download the PowerPoint (in Dutch) on the right side of this screen. 

Twee tieners luisteren naar muziek

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