Personal network reinforcement of people living in poverty

Scientific research of models and critical success factors for the personal network reinforcement of people living in poverty.

Research into the meaning of social support and the role of a social network shows us that a supportive social network is a very important protecting factor. It will help among others the quality of life and the education.

The Flemish Government wants to gain more insight into the critical success factors to come to the reinforcement of the informal personal network of people living in poverty. They want to identify the effective models to reinforce that network.

Purpose and aim of the research

During this research project, we will map personal-oriented models of network reinforcing methodologies. Together with some experience and practice experts – for example representatives of local services, organizations and policy agents – we will try to formulate the preconditions for practices and models.

The ultimate goal is to reach some concrete policy recommendations which will specify how we can support and extend the effort of network reinforcing methodologies.

Researchers: Kristien Nys, Joris Van Puyenbroeck, Imane Kostet, Inge Verhaegen

Timing: January 2017 – December 2017


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