muurschildering van islamitisch gezin waarvan de dochter gaat studeren

Raising children with the Quran in Flanders

What does it mean to raise your children with Islamic educational ideals? And how is this possible in a Flemish context?

That is what Hans Van Crombrugge and Naïma Lafrarchi are trying to find out in the research project they’re conducting with Family Studies students.

For a lot of families in Flanders, the Islamic framework is an important source of inspiration to give meaning to their family life and the education of their children.

Family Studies students are investigating Islamic educational ideal through a number of projects. What do Muslim pedagogic thinkers have to say about this? We assess the offer of educational tips in books and on the internet for young Muslim parents. Students interview Muslim parents and adolescents: what kind of adult do the parents hope their child will be? And which ideals are important to the adolescents for their future?

More concretely Hans Van Crombrugge and Naïma Lafrarchi are working on:

  • A book about Islamic beliefs about raising children and
  • Publications about their interviews with Muslim parents about philosophies of life and educational ideals.

The subject has been featured in the Flemish media on multiple occasions. We also organize a yearly short course about Islamic visions on relationships and education.

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