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Teenagers online! Researching families on parent-child communication about online contact-risks

Teenagers can be confronted online with certain contact-risks, such as sexting and cyberbullying. Which role do parents play in the prevention of these risks? And how can they help? Project led by Koen Ponnet and Katrien Symons.

Both sexting and cyberbullying can have a major impact on the psychological wellbeing of children and take a lot of courage from the child to talk about. The victim can experience feelings of shame. Because the trust in their peers can be fundamentally damaged, parents can play a valuable and crucial part in the prevention and intervention of these online risks.

With this project we research which role parents can play in the prevention of sexting and cyberbullying and how they can support teenagers when things go wrong. In short, the project researches parent-child communication regarding sexting and cyberbullying. The research project is based on previous studies and uses quantitative questionnaires, developed by the project leaders Koen Ponnet en Katrien Symons.


Prof. dr. Michel Walrave and dr. Wannes Heirman of MIOS (Media, ICT & Interpersonal Relations in Organisations and Society), University Antwerp; André Verkens, director School teacher studies, Odisee.


2015 - 2017

2 tieners op smartphone

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