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Urban social work with transmigrant families

This research focuses on the needs for wellbeing of ‘transmigrants’ and ‘translocal (transnational) families’, people whose family and/or social life is spread over different places, countries and cultures. What are their specific needs? How do they utilize their transnational networks? What kind of challenges do they pose for urban social work?

The researchers collaborated with students in Family Studies and in Social Work to produce a ‘life history analysis’ of Moroccan, Brazilian and Ghanaian migrants in Brussels and Antwerp. That way we can develop methods to better support these groups. Both of our study programs get a clearer view on the urban context of diversity and translocality. The research results, which will be published in a book, are used in specific courses in Family Studies and Social Work.

Researchers: Dirk Geldof and Sophie Withaeckx from Family Studies; Mieke Schrooten and Frederik Lamote from Social Work


  • Master’s program Social Work of the University of Antwerp
  • The Regional Integration Centre Foyer, Sint-Jans-Molenbeek
  • Vzw Globe Aroma, Brussels
  • Women’s shelter ‘Het Zijhuis’, part of CAW Metropool, Antwerp

The publication which contains the research results, will be presented on a conference on October 23rd: 'Working with transmigrants'.

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