The Centre for Family Studies promotes ideological dialogue, intercultural encounters and proper guidance for all families.

Central to the diversity-themed research, projects and activities conducted and organised by our centre and within the context of the Bachelor in Family Studies, is the idea that, although our diverse society comes with its problems and challenges, ideology is a source of motivation and strength in family relations.

Moreover, in our centre and our study programme we strongly focus on a diversitysensitive approach. Our research themes, families, relationships and education, are never neutral, in the sense that they are always linked to ideology, culture, class and time frame. Families are diverse. But the students, teachers and researchers of our knowledge centre and study programme also come with their own diverse backgrounds. We aim to base our research and teachings on the awareness of our own position while appreciating that of others. 

Our centre has a long-standing tradition when it comes to organising diversity-themed projects. For example, for two decades we organised a training on Islamic views on relationships and education. In 2019-2020, as an extension of this project, a training on Islamic Counseling was offered on our campus.

In 2017 we started organising ‘Diversi-date’, an annual event where some hundred Brussels-based students are stimulated to contemplate and discuss the topics of identity and ideology in a safe setting. Based on these events and the output of the students a scenario was developed to help schools and other organisations establish an open dialogue amongst youngsters.

Between 2017 and 2019 the researchers and students of our campus also conducted research into the needs of families with a non-western migration background in terms of family and educational support and how NGO’s can meet those needs.

Our centre also conducts research into the living conditions of parents and children of refugee families and how these people can be better assisted. Read more about this here.



In September 2016, the Centre for Family Studies started a new project: Diversi-date. Our aim is to create a safe background where young people can explore not only their own identity but also other’s and where they can exchange their experiences. 

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Bijscholing 'Moslimjongeren op school'

In samenwerking met Vormingscentrum Guislain, te Gent

Pubers en adolescenten zijn voortdurend bezig met hun identiteit, hun positie tegenover hun directe omgeving en hun plaats in de samenleving. Voor moslimjongeren is deze periode mogelijk extra woelig. In hoeverre zijn zij actief, of juist niet, bezig met hun religieuze en culturele identiteit? In welke mate laten ze zich leiden door fundamentalistische invloeden? Hoe kunnen we hun mogelijk radicalisme positief aanwenden?

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Karamah krijgt emancipatieprijs 2016 van VOEM

Op vrijdag 18 november 2016 werd de emancipatieprijs 2016 van VOEM vzw, de Vereniging voor Ontwikkeling en Emancipatie van Moslims, uitgereikt aan Karamah EU, een vrouwen- en mensenrechtenorganisatie geleid door moslima's. Karamah-voorzitster en onderzoekster bij het Kenniscentrum Gezinswetenschappen Kim Lecoyer nam de prijs in ontvangst.  

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Kim Lecoyer

Phone: 0032 2 240.68.40
E-mail: kim.lecoyer@odisee.be
Office: Campus HIG

Short course 'Muslim kids at school'

Adolescents are constantly reconsidering their identity, their position in their environment and their place in society. For muslim kids this period can be extra turbulent. In what way are they actively or passively working on their own religious and cultural identity? To what extent are they influenced by fundamentalism? And how can we turn their possible radicalism into something positive?

This short course is planned for tuesday November 15th 2016 and is offered only in Dutch.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016 - 09:30
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