Cover book 'Superdiversity in the heart of Europe'

Superdiversity in the heart of Europe

The 21st century will be the century of superdiversity. Ethnic-cultural diversity in Europe continues to grow, even though governments try to limit further migration with a series of short-sighted measures. In Brussels, the capital city of Belgium and Europe, two out of every three residents has a migration background. Within a matter of years, Antwerp will also become a majority-minority city, as will many other European cities.

How will superdiversity change our society? How can we all manage to live together in superdiversity?  This book wants to redefine the deadlocked ideological debate about the desirability (or otherwise) of a multicultural society. In the 21st century, it is no longer a question of 'whether' we want such a society or not, but a question of 'how' we can deal with a superdiverse reality that is already upon us. In this superdiversity more and more families are stretched out over borders. They become worldwide families and their contact with family members and friends in other countries have an impact on their relationship with their other household member and fellow citizens. What does superdiversity imply for family relationships? How should family policy respond to that? What challenges do we see for the integration policy, for local municipalities, for social work? How do we develop a new perspective on the growing diversity within diversity? And how can we use its potential to its full advantage and evade the risks?

This book (first print 2013, in Dutch) was presented at a conference on October 17th 2013.

Author: Dirk Geldof
Year: in Dutch 2013, in English 2016
Publisher: Acco

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Cover book 'Superdiversity in the heart of Europe'
Dirk Geldof
Dirk Geldof

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